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*[[The Flying Ypotryll]]
*[[The Flying Ypotryll]]
*[[The Gardian]]
*[[The Gardian]]
*[[Attica|House Attica]]
*[[House Attica]]
*[[House Descartes]]
*[[House Descartes]]
*[[House Ironrose]]
*[[House Ironrose]]

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The following is a list of SCA groups within the Kingdom of Lochac.

You can obtain an up-to-date list here:


This list is taken from a database maintained by the Kingdom Seneschal and also contains up to date lists of group contacts. Furthermore, the database contains a mapping from Australian groups to Postcodes so that you can enter your postcode or suburb name into the web form and it will tell you what group you belong to.

Some interesting fluff about groups in the Kingdom of Lochac:

  • All groups have a set of postcodes assigned, except groups in New Zealand and colleges. The registrar's database uses the same mapping so that your membership card will have the correct group on it based on your postcode.
  • New Zealand groups are assigned by telephone area code.
  • Colleges are assigned by personal choice -- if you say on your membership form that you're in a college then that's what the registrar will put on your membership card and that's what the Kingdom Seneschal will assign your membership to.
  • If you belong to a college then you also count towards the membership of the group in which you live (not the group where the college is based), so that if you live in Arrowsreach but are a member of St Monica's then your membership will count towards Arrowsreach and not Krae Glas.

Membership assignment to groups is important -- to count as an official group, a shire, canton, or college must have 5 members and a barony must have 25. Note that as of October 2004 all members, including family and associate members, count towards group numbers.

Baronies, Cantons and Shires