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Clan Blue Feather is a large open household within the SCA dedicated to education and research on homosexuality in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, and to teach other members of the Society about homosexuality in the Current Middle Ages.

The Clan also exists as a social organization, to facilitate interaction among the members of the SCA, especially those who are gay, lesbian, or bisexual.

Unlike some SCA groups Clan Blue Feather has no official leader, or group of leaders. Group activities are organized by consensus or by an interested person. Particular events and gatherings may have certain people in charge, but this is only in the context of that event. There is no official "leader of Clan Blue Feather."

Members are united solely by a common interest, and not necessarily a common sexual orientation. They include:

  • Those with an interest in homosexuality in the Middle Ages
  • Those who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered (GLBT)
  • Family, friends and supporters of the above
  • Those who simply want to meet, camp with, or otherwise socialize with other members

The registered badge of the Clan is Argent, a feather azure. By custom and tradition, LGBT members of the Clan wear a badge with a dark blue feather, while straight family, friends and supporters wear a light blue feather. Simply wearing a blue-dyed feather IS NOT an identifying mark.

The Clan has a Royally chartered Guild in the East Kingdom and in Caid.

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