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Australia is the world's largest island and a modern country. The western half was first titled "New Holland" by the Dutch. The eastern coast was titled "New South Wales" by the British and became a British colony in 1788. Prior to that, there had been no successful European settlements. Eventually, the entire continent and its territories became known as Australia.

Australia and the SCA

In the SCA, Australian branches are part of the Kingdom of Lochac. Prior to becoming kingdom, the branches were collectively the Principality of Lochac, being part of the Kingdom of the West. There is no longer such a collective group within the Society, but various names are commonly heard to distinguish the Australian branches from those in New Zealand or even the Australian island state of Tasmania, e.g the Western Isle, Tessa Rossa (Latin 'the red land').

SCA membership is managed in Australia through the SCAA.