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A medieval seneschal was the manager or steward of a lord or lady's household. They were responsible for the staff within the estate and making sure everything ran smoothly.

The SCA seneschal

In the SCA, a seneschal has roles that other clubs would normally give to their president and secretary. A seneschal is the officer responsible for a particular regional branch, from Society-wide to Kingdom down to college. They are in charge of all the mundane issues of running the SCA, such as approval of the running of events and activities, ensuring populace numbers are sustained, and ensuring that the group/s they are in charge of are generally running effectively. They also handle a lot of the enquiries from the public.

Each seneschal must regularly report to the seneschal for next highest level of the Society. The timing of these reports vary depending on the Kingdom laws, but commonly a report is due every 3 months. The absence of a seneschal's reports is often one of the reasons that a group may be placed in abeyance.

The heraldic device for the Office of the Seneschal is a gold key.