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Types of SCA Events

Australian SCA Events

Melbourne SCA Events

Rowany Events

New Zealand SCA Events

International SCA Events

Re-Enactment Events

This uses the Australian terminology of Event to mean a reenactor only event and a Show to describe an event which is on display to the public. (The North American term for the latter is usually demo.) Italicised events are open to both reenactors and the SCA.

Australian Events

  • NEMAS Easter Gathering- every even Easter- Armidale, NSW
  • Australasian Medieval Conference- every odd Easter
  • Al Zinj- Blue Mountains, NSW
  • Historical Archery Day- August, Newcastle, NSW
  • Vlachernai Archery Day- March, Kinglake Park, Vic
  • Newcastle Combined Training Day- 3th Quarter, Speers Point, NSW
  • Beorg-wic- Dunghaven NSW

Australian Shows

  • Melbourne Medieval Fayre and Tournament, Melbourne, Vic (MuMFAT)
  • Abbey Tournament- July, Caboolture, Qld

European Events

  • Fafnir's Bane Winter Camp- March, Dorchester England

European Shows

  • Hastings Reenactment- October, Battle, England
  • Tewkesbury Reenactment- May, Tewkesbury England
  • 1st Battle of St Albans Reenactment- May, St Albans England
  • 2nd Battle of St Albans Reenactment- February, St Albans England
  • Bosworth Field Reenactment - August, Bosworth England
  • Marston Moor Reenactment - July, Marston Moor England
  • Elvaston Castle- May, Derby England
  • Tynwald and Peel Viking Festival- July, Isle of Man England
  • Largs- September, Largs Scotland

North American Shows

  • Ashville Viking Festival- April, Ashville, Ohio

North American Events

  • VikingMeet, September, Elk Horn, Iowa