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Wars for political, ideological and spiritual causes raged across Europe, the Middle East and Africa throughout the middle ages. Some were just petty land disputes (eg. England and France). Some used religion as an excuse (eg. the crusades). Others were widespread invasions (eg. Mongol invasion). And of course, if you can't find someone-else to fight with, why not have a civil war (eg. War of the Roses)!

List of Wars

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Wars in the SCA

War in the SCA is an interesting sight. Battles can have any number of people and can take on a number of forms.

Often some natural feature, such as a creek crossing, or a man-made structure, such as a wall of hay bales is used to make things more interesting. Wars may take on various scenarios, or have different objectives for each battle. Others are run more like a "choose your own adventure" story, known as a story board war, where each war scenario leads to a different outcome.

People on the field during wars

Annual War Events

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