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A typical SCA war is made up a sequence of war scenarios.

Some kinds of scenarios

  • Open field battle: two forces square off across an open field. This allows for unit tactics at relatively large scales.
  • Woods battle: like an open field battle, but through a wooded area
  • Bridge battle: one (or more) bridges divide the two sides. Often the objective is to be the first to take the bridge, or to hold the most of the bridge after a certain amount of time. The bridge typically crosses a "river" which usually is imagined, and represented with some markings rather than having running water. Sometimes people are allowed to "ford" the river, e.g. by crossing on their knees.
  • Castle battle: a representation of a castle, often with a wall, gate, and towers.
  • Bandit hunt: One team starts in the woods, they are the Bandits. The second team is the Shire Reeve and his men, sent in to hunt out the bandits. If you can come up with some rules for some safe traps and ambushes, it can make for an interesting scenario, with guerilla warfare. (Jean-Pierre Colbert)
  • Save the village: A mock village is set up, either with hay bales or plywood fronts. One team must defend the village while the second team tries to "burn" it down with mock torches (a stick with a painted tip and/or streamers) that must be placed in a specific spot on each building. (Jean-Pierre Colbert)


  • Last one standing
  • Delivering a "message", package, or person to a specified location
  • Capturing a flag
  • Holding some objective
  • Gathering the most War points

Number of "lives"

  • One life
  • Limited number of "resurrections"
  • Unlimited resurrections


  • Weapons limitations: e.g. no weapons over a certain length, no archery
  • Shield limitations: e.g. no shields

Scenario Design

Some scenarios are presented with elaborately stated objectives which with a little thought amount to "Last one standing" or some other simple objective.