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England is a country in Europe but we guess you knew that. It is part of the British Isles. Much of the activities in the SCA are based around period English life and people tend to hold rather romantic views of places such as London.

England should not be confused with Britain, as the Welsh and Scots might not like it.

Brief history of England


Main article: Anglo-Saxon England

At the beginning of the 6th century England was populated by Brythonic Celts. The departure of the Roman garrisons left the way clear for invasions by Angles, Saxons and Danes. With the remnants of Celtic power pushed to the west in Wales, Cumbria and Cornwall, numerous Anglo-Saxon kingdoms began to emerge. The seven most powerful, known as the Heptarchy, were successively united by war, until in 829 Egbert was named King of all England.


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People of England

The following is a list of important historical figures of England

Cities of England

The following are some of England's important cities

  • London -- Roman capital and always a major city
  • Winchester -- A traditional site of the Royal Treasury, in Hampshire
  • Gloucester -- old Roman site, bordering South Wales
  • Chester -- as Gloucester, but at the N end of Wales
  • Lincoln -- cathedral city of the East Midlands
  • York -- main city of the North; Roman, then Viking, then English; seat of the Archbishop
  • Durham -- cathedral and castle defended in a loop of the River Wear; sufficiently close to Scotland, and away from London for the bishop to be given palatine powers
  • Lancaster -- Roman site, castle, medieval port
  • Bristol -- port which grew in importance as time passed until it challenged Gloucester for the title of main city of Western England

Period events

The following is a list of important 'period' events in England

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The SCA in England

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