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Wales occupies an area bordered by England to the East and the Irish Sea to the West.


During the so-called Dark Ages Wales was a collection of feuding kingdoms or principalities, dominated by Gwynedd in the North-West, Powys in the East which bordered with Mercia, Dyfed in the South-West and Deheubarth in the South.

After the Norman invasion, the Norman English began to make inroads into Wales, creating marcher lordships. Eventually a powerful Welsh state developed under the princes of Gwynedd, which was ultimately destroyed by Edward I.

Welsh nationalism was not entirely crushed, and the nationalist figure of Owain Glyn Dwr stands large in the 15th century. In spite of a Welsh family, the Tudors, gaining control of the English throne, the integration of Wales as a principality under England only grew stronger.


The SCA in Wales

The Welsh SCA groups are part of Insulae Draconis within the Kingdom of Drachenwald.