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Sweden (Sverige in Swedish) is a country in northern Europe. It is one of the countries that is associated with the vikings and the Norse. Initially it was a group of independent chiefdoms but eventually two gained enough power to become major kingdoms. G�taland (the Land of G�ter) and Svealand (the Land of Svear) later merged to become Sweden. The political boundaries that its monarchs controlled vary over the ages.

In 1397, Sweden, Norway and Denmark formed the Kalmar Union with a Danish king in response to many things including the increasing power of the Hanseatic trade blocks. Sweden however broke away from this union in 1521 under Gustav Eriksson Vasa, who became King Gustav I of Sweden.

Sweden and the SCA

In the SCA, Sweden forms the Principality of Nordmark, which is part of the Kingdom of Drachenwald. Swedish SCA membership can be organised as part of SKA (Nordmark).

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