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Officers are the people that keep SCA groups going (from an administration point of view anyway) according to the laws of the Society. Officers are the primary link between groups in the SCA and mundane authorities.

A kingdom has a selection of Great Officers and Lesser Officers. Often the Lesser Officers will report to a Great Officer.

Kingdom Great offices

Example Lesser Offices

New Great and Lesser Offices can be defined by the Crown.

Most subgroups have similar offices who deputise and report to their kingdom superiors.

A shire must have the following three officers:

A barony in most kingdoms must have all of the following officers:

Depending on the kingdom a barony may also be required to have one or more of the following officers:

and any of the Lesser Offices.

The SCA and the SCAA also each have a Board of Directors and the associated offices, but because they are regarded as the outside-of-game administration, they are not connected to any group.