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A barony (plural baronies) are the lands held by a baron. It could also mean the rank of a baron or his time in that office.

Baronies with the SCA

A barony within the SCA is a large branch within and subject to the administration of a Kingdom, or Principality if there is one. They have a Baron and/or a Baroness, the ceremonial representatives who are appointed by the Crown usually after a polling of some kind. Baronies can (and usually do) have their own baronial level awards.

Advancement to barony can only occur if the following are in place:

  • 25 SCA members
  • Set of officers acceptable to the Crown (and the Coronet, if applicable)
  • A registered name and device
  • Consensus favouring advancement by the population of the proposed barony, and the Crown.
  • A baron and/or baroness must be selected at the time of application.
  • A strong record of activity in a variety of fields of endeavour.

A Palatine Barony is unusual in that the ceremonial head is selected by some sort of competition, often a heavy weapons tournament, but sometimes an Arts and Sciences competition. The Baron/Baroness therefore change with some regularity.

Baronies may have regional subgroups, referred to as cantons, or institutional subgroups called strongholds, ports, or colleges.

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