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  • 1400
20 August: Wenceslaus, Holy Roman Emperor, was deposed by the Prince-electors meeting at Lahneck Castle for "futility, idleness, negligence and ignobility". Wenceslaus never recognized this deposition.


  • 1410
John Badby is the first person burned at the stake for heresy in England.
15 July: The Battle of Grunwald or 1st Battle of Tannenberg was fought during the Polish-Lithuanian-Teutonic War.
10 September: Sigismund was elected Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire by three of the seven Prince-electors (Kurfürsten).
1 October: Jobst of Moravia, cousin to Sigismund, opposed Sigismund's claim to the Holy Roman Empire as he was elected by four of the Prince-electors.
  • 1411
18 January: Jobst of Moravia, Holy Roman Emperor, dies.
21 July: Sigismund is re-elected as Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, but his coronation is deferred until 1414.
  • 1414
In the summer, the Hunger War or Famine War was fought between the allied Kingdom of Poland and Grand Duchy of Lithuania against the Teutonic Knights.
8 November: Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund's, coronation takes place at Aachen Cathedral.
  • 1415
6 July: After much controversy at the Council of Constance, John Huss is burned at the stake.
25 October: Henry V of England allies with Burgundy and defeats the French at the Battle of Agincourt; part of the Hundred Years War.
  • 1417
Western Schism of the Catholic Church is ended at the Council of Constance (1414-1418).
  • 1419
16 August: Wenceslaus, King of Bohemia, dies.


  • 1420
21 May: The Treaty of Troyes was signed in the French city of Troyes agreeing that Henry V of England and his heirs would inherit the throne of France upon the death of King Charles VI of France, disinheriting the Dauphin, Charles VII of France, his son.
  • 1424
26 May: During the reign of King James I of Scotland, The Football Act of 1424 is passed, entitled "Of playing at the fut ball", where it was made illegal and punishable by a fine of four pence for playing football.
  • 1429
Jeanne d'Arc leads French forces to a victory against England in a battle of the Hundred Years War.
17 July: Charles VII of France crowned as the king of France in Reims.
6 November: Henry VI of England crowned as the king of England at Westminster Abbey.


  • 1431
20 May: Jeanne d'Arc burned at the stake for heresy in Rouen, France.
16 December: Henry VI of England crowned as the king of France at Notre Dame.
  • 1437
9 December: Sigismund, Holy Roman Emperor, dies.


  • 1445
23 April: Henry VI of England marries Margaret of Anjou at Titchfield in Hampshire.


  • 1453
Constantinople falls to the Ottoman Empire.
  • 1455-1485
The Wars of the Roses rage.


  • ~1470
Rise of Modern English language from Middle English.


  • 1480
The Spanish Inquisition is established.


  • 1492
Muslims and Jews are expelled from southern Spain after almost 800 years of Muslim rule.
Christopher Columbus reaches Caribbean islands.
  • 1498
Christopher Columbus reaches South America.
Vasco da Gama completes sea voyage to India.

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