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Fire and Steel Dark Age Re-Enactment Society is an Australian re-enactment society based in Newcastle, NSW re-enacting societies and cultures based in Western Europe during the Dark Ages.


The group began as an alternative to the SCA in the Newcastle area primarily to fight with more accurate weapons, and armour in around 1989. Some of Fire and Steel's early membership were ex-SCA or still played with the same. Over time the contact lessened to the point that new members of both clubs had not heard of the other.

Fire and Steel suffered from the early re-enactment "Splitters Disease", splitting once with a number of members leaving to join the Huscarls and again to form Samildanach in the early nineties. Since then, Fire and Steel has remained active and has come to pursue a very anti-expansionist policy.

Fire and Steel attend many re-enactor based events in Australia, but are less likely to put on shows for the public.


Its members are more living history orientated than some, but combat remains an oft enjoyed activity. Fire and Steel like to consider themselves with some humour, but take their re-enactment seriously.

Individual members enjoy:

Relatively recently, Fire and Steel have added a number of sub-groups to their society.

They include:

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