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Painter is a profession involved in the creation of paintings, painted sculpture and other painted objects. The painter has skills in drawing, painting and creating his own tools and materials.

A painter might be well-known for a particular type of painting, but was often expected to be well-trained in various other related crafts such as illumination and tapestry design.

Medieval painters worked within the guild system with controlled pricing and practices. Ranks within the guild included master, journeyman and apprentice, the latter two working under a master within the master's workshop. A workshop not only described the physical place a painter worked, but also refered to all the people employed in the workshop.

A large portion of a painter's work was generated through commissions from the church, nobility or merchant classes. However, painters in period also created work on speculation. Works of popular religious themes were often made in to sell to known markets without the work being commissioned. Espeically skilled or reknown painters were appointed as official painters of specific royal courts, towns or other principalities to be paid a stipend (usually annually).

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