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A battle can be a single engagement in a war between two or more armies, generally with a single objective. Most medieval battles were either fought openly on a battlefield or sieges of fortifications.

Historical battles are frequently named after nearby communities or physical features, for example, the Battle of Hastings.

Battle can also refer to a unit within an army. It may be described as Lord X's Battle (or Battel).

Medieval Battles

Battles in the SCA

Types of battles are generally determined by two factors: what the objective is, and what sort of terrain the battle is held upon. Examples of common SCA battles are:

  • Open field -- kill all the opposing fighters
  • Bridge battle -- take or hold a bridge from the enemy.
  • Woods battles -- like open fields, but with obstacles like trees.
  • Castle attack -- take or hold a castle or defensive position.

Other forms of battles are possible, with goals like "keep a specific fighter alive," or "escort a non-combatant from one side of the field to the other," with the only real limitation being what the marshal can dream up.