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The York City Levy is an independent recreation group that puts on many shows throughout Britain, over the year, providing entertainment and national curriculum relevent education for the public whilst providing an interesting and thoroughly enjoyable hobby for its members.

The York City Levy puts on a show that depends entirely on the scenario set. The shows generally consist of:-

  • Drill - The demonstration of a medieval block of soldiers marching in formation.
  • Skill-at-arms - The use of weapons in the 15th century, including armed combat.
  • Archery - Demonstration of the medieval longbow.
  • Battles - Full scale re-enactments of medieval warfare with other groups, incorporating all of the above.
  • Mumming - Entertaining authentic medieval street theatre.
  • Authentic Camp - Recreation of medieval campaign encampment, along with authentic cooking and other camp activities.
  • Role-play - Members of the group portray characters of the period in both first and third person.
  • Kiddy-drill - Children of the visiting public are able to participate in a drill with the soldiers, with their own pole-arms.

The original content of this page was extracted from the About Us page via http://www.yorkcitylevy.com

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