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West Kingdom
Or, a crown dancetty of three voided within a laurel wreath vert.
Founded: A.S. I
Parent Kingdom: Original Kingdom
King: Thorfinn
Queen: Étaín
Modern location
Northern California and Nevada, Alaska, Japan, Korea and Pacific Rim

The Kingdom of the West (KoW) is the SCA kingdom which covers Northern California and Nevada, Alaska, Japan, Korea and Pacific Rim. The current King and Queen of the West are Radnor and Ysebeau.

There are three principalities:

Those areas not included in a principality are referred to collectively as The Marches. These include northern California, Japan and Korea.


The SCA began in the Kingdom of the West, which was in its early years known as the "Kingdom of the Mists", and sometimes as the "Kingdom of the Mists and the Western Lands". The standard form of its name came to be "Kingdom of the West" to distinguish it from the second and third kingdoms, which are the East Kingdom and Middle Kingdom.

In the beginning, the SCA was the Berkeley SCA, and it was equivalent to its only local group, which came to be known as the Kingdom of the West. This group did not crown its first king until March 25, A.S. I, near the end of its first year. The winners of previous tournaments were not yet considered to be kings.

Atenveldt, Caid, An Tir and Lochac were all principalities of the West before becoming kingdoms in their own right.

Kingdom devices

Person or group Image
King Same as kingdom
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