Kingdom of An Tir

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Kingdom of An Tir
Checky Or and argent, a lion rampant tail forked and nowed sable, crowned gules, grasping in dexter forepaw a laurel wreath bendwise vert.
Founded: A.S. XVI
Parent Kingdom: Kingdom of the West
King: UlfR Blodfotur Fallgrson
Queen: Caoimhe (Keeva) ingen Domnaille
Modern location
Oregon, Washington, the northern tip of Idaho, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, the Yukon, and the Northwest territories

The Kingdom of An Tir is the SCA kingdom that covers Oregon, Washington, and the northern tip of Idaho in the USA,and British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, the Yukon, and the Northwest territories in Canada.


An Tir began as a Principality of the West in August of A.S. VIII when Frederic of the West Tower and Anne of the White Tower were invested as the first Prince and Princess of An Tir.

In January of A.S. XVI, Manfred Kriegstreiber and Morag Campbell of Glenbourne became the first to ascend to the Sable Lion Thrones as An Tir became the ninth sovereign Kingdom in the Known World.

In the 21 years since that time, An Tir has grown to include 3 full Principalities: The Summits, in March of A.S. XXX, Avacal, in August of A.S. XXXI, and most recently, Tir Righ, in June of A.S. XXXVIII.

Among the most celebrated An Tirians are 7 "triple peers": Duke James Greyhelm, Sir Edward Ross, Viscount Edward Zifran of Gendy, Sir Ludwig von Lemminghaus, Viscount Scellanus of Skye, Viscount Theodulf of Borogrove, and Sir Y Blackhand.

However, An Tir's most honored citizen is easily the Dowager Princess Viscountess Janeltis Karaine, Starfollower, (cf. Tribute page) , who was awarded the title of Dowager Princess and the rank of permanent royalty by the BoD on October 10th, A.S. XIII. In the past, her passing was remembered during courts throughout An Tir.


The Kingdom of An Tir is divided into five areas, the Rivers Region, the Inlands Region, and the Pricipalities of The Summits, Avacal and Tir Righ.

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