Laurel wreath

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The laurel wreath has significance both in the SCA and in the mundane world.

In antiquity, the laurel wreath was a symbol of victory. Roman emperors are depicted on ancient coins wearing a laurel wreath. Olympic medalists still wear laurel wreaths on the podium.

Or, a laurel wreath vert is the device for the Society for Creative Anachronism. All SCA official groups are required to have a laurel wreath on their registered group device. Households, being unofficial groups, do not bear laurel wreaths. Individuals are not permitted to bear a laurel wreath on their arms, to prevent confusion.


The laurel wreath is also the insignia for one of the SCA's peerages, the Order of the Laurel. Order members are permitted to wear a laurel wreath badge with their garb and it is often seen as part of a circlet, medallion, or cloak.