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The Princess is the one of the people currently ruling a principality. She may have achieved this through being consort to the victor of a Coronet tournament, or by winning the tournament herself. Princesses are permitted to display the principality arms and coronet, and are referred to as Your Highness or Your Royal Highness.

When a Princess steps down she becomes a Viscountess and, in some kingdoms, a Lady of the Rose.

Alternate Titles

The SCA recognises the following alternate titles in other languages as the equivalent to Princess:

Language Alternate Form
Albanian Princesh� / Bij� Mreti
Arabic Amira
Catalan Princesa
Czech Knezna / Princezna
Danish Prinsesse
Dutch Prenses
Finnish Ruhtinatar / Prinsessa
French Princesse
German Prinzessin
Greek Pringk�pissa
Hebrew Nasichah
Hungarian Fejedelemn�
Icelandic Prinzessa
Irish Gaelic Beanphrionsa / Banfhlaith
Italian Principessa
Latin Princepissa
Middle Norwegian Prinzessa
Old English Hlaefdige
Polish Ksiezna
Portuguese Princesa
Romanian Principes�
Russian Tsarevna
Scots Gaelic Bana-phrionnsa / Ban-fhlaith
Spanish Princesa
Swedish Prinsessa
Turkish Prenses
Welsh Tywysoges / Teyrn / Edling / Gwrthrychiad

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