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The Queen is the current female ruler of a Kingdom. Any Queens and Kings ruling together are referred to as the Crown. She is addressed as Your Majesty, and referred to as Her (Royal) Majesty.

The Queen in the SCA

In the SCA the Queen may gain her position through right of arms (Queen Regnant or Queen Sovereign), or by being consort to such a King or Queen Arms (making her the Queen Consort). When a Queen steps down, she becomes a Countess (or some variant appropriate to her persona) if she has reigned once and in some kingdoms becomes a Lady of the Rose. If she has reigned twice or more, she becomes a Duchess (or variant).

In some kingdoms it is customary for the queen to use as arms the arms of the kingdom, whereas in others the queen has arms specific to her. The Queen of Lochac, whether she is Queen Regnant or Queen Consort, uses the undifferenced Arms of the Kingdom of Lochac. However in the West the Queen consort's arms differ from the kingdom's arms by containing a wreath of roses rather than a laurel wreath.

Alternate Titles

The SCA recognises the following alternate titles in other languages as the equivalent to Queen:

Language Alternate Form
Albanian Mbret�resh�
Arabic Malika / Sultana
Catalan Reina
Czech Kralovna
Danish Hertug
Dutch Koningin
Estonian Kuninganna
Finnish Kuningatar
French Reine
German Königin
Greek Basilissa
Hebrew Malchah
Hungarian Kiralyn�
Icelandic Drottning
Irish Gaelic Banríon
Italian Regina
Latin Regina
Middle Norwegian Drottning
Old English Cwēn
Old Norse Drottning
Polish Kr�lowa
Portuguese Raihna
Romanian Regină
Russian Tsaritsa
Scots Gaelic Bainrìgh/Ban-rìghinn
Spanish Reina
Swedish Drottning
Turkish Kralice
Welsh Brenhines / Teyrn