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A duchess has completed a reign over a kingdom two or more times. Her coronet displays strawberry leaves and she is permitted to have a ducal coronet on her arms. Address her as "Your Grace". In some kingdoms a Duchess will also be a Lady of the Rose.

Alternate Titles

The SCA recognises the following alternate titles in other languages as the equivalent to Duchess:

Language Alternate Form
Albanian Dukesh�
Arabic Mushira/Musaitira
Catalan Duquessa
Czech V�vodkyn
Danish Hertuginde
Dutch Hertogin
Estonian ---
Finnish Herttuatar
French Duchesse
German Herzogin
Greek Komitissa tou st�blou
Hebrew Allufah
Hungarian Banno/Hercegn�
Icelandic Hertogafru
Irish Gaelic Bandiuc
Italian Duchessa
Latin Ducessa
Middle Norwegian Hertogafru
Old English Hlæfdīġe
Old Norse ---
Polish Ksiezna
Portuguese Duquesa
Romanian Duces�
Russian Kniaginia
Scots Gaelic Bandiuc
Spanish Duquesa
Swedish Hertiginna
Turkish D� es
Welsh Duges/Gwledig

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