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Middle Kingdom
Argent, a pale gules, overall a dragon passant vert, in chief an ancient crown Or within a laurel wreath proper.
Founded: A.S. IV
Parent Kingdom: Kingdom of the East
King: Lucien
Queen: Catarina
Modern location
Ohio, Kentucky (except Bowling Green and Murray), Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, a nip of Iowa around the Quad Cities, and Windsor, Ontario, CAN

Also known as Midrealm, the Kingdom of the Middle is the third oldest Kingdom in the Known World. Geographically it consists of Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois and a nip of Iowa, and a bit of Ontario. Midrealm used to contain what are now the Kingdoms of Northshield, Ealdormere, and Calontir.

History of the Midrealm

The Middle Kingdom was originally a principality of the East called The Principality Under the Mountain. In 1969, the legendary Cariadoc of the Bow won the first Crown Tourney of the Middle and was subsequently crowned the first king.

The Capital Provence (that being its proper name for some time) became Tree-Girt-Sea, located in Chicago. Soon afterwards, the Barony of North Woods, located in Michigan, joined. These two form the basis of Middle Kingdom politics. A third group in Ohio, The Middle Marches, joined and membership soon spread out into Canada, Kentucky, and the rest of the Midwest.

In 1981-2 (A.S. XVI), Calontir began as a Principality of the Middle Kingdom. On May 29, 1984 (A.S. XVIII) she became the tenth Kingdom of the SCA.

The current Kingdom of Ealdormere was a principality of the Midrealm from A.S. XXIII (1988) to A.S. XXXIII (1998), and its creation as a principality was the source of some controversy.

On October 16th, 2004, the Principality of Northshield gained Kingdom status.

In early September 2004, a poll across the Middle began. It debates whether or not the Oaken Region (Ohio and Kentucky) should gain Principality status. As of September 4th, the poll has since ended, since it generated great discussions, arguments, and debates. The Web Minister claims the poll was "of a hypothetical nature".

In May 2008, soon after coronation of Lutr & Tessa, they discovered that they were not SCA members for three days of their reign. The Board of Directors was informed and was forced to declare the reign to be invalid and appoint Duke Palymar (the previous King) as regent. A new crown tournament was soon announced. Lutr successfully won back the crown and they became monarchs once more. The crown tourney to decide their heirs was held at the same event.


Groups of the Middle

Midrealm is divided into the following regions: Constellation, Midlands, Oaken and Pentamere.

Kingdom devices

Person or group Image
King Same as kingdom
Populace badge Middle badge.png

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