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No goutes no glory
Founded: A.S. XXIII
In Kingdom: Lochac
Baron: Brían dorcha ua Conaill
Baroness: Miriam bat Shimeon
Modern location
Melbourne (Australia)

The Barony of Stormhold is a SCA branch in the Kingdom of Lochac. It covers central, western and northern Melbourne, Australia plus Western Victoria, being the oldest group in the state. The Barony has one Canton. The Canton of Caern Fail covers Ballarat, Bendigo, the Golden Triangle and the Surf Coast. The College of St Bartholomew is based at the University of Melbourne. The Shire of Arrowsreach and the Barony of Krae Glas were formerly cantons of the barony. The Canton of Dubh Thrain and the College of St Cecilia were previously a part of Stormhold but also disbanded.


The first Baron and Baroness of Stormhold were Styvyn Longshanks and Rhyllian of Starfire Retreat. Their reign was interrupted when Styvyn and Rhyllian won the Lochac Coronet tournament, and became Prince and Princess of Lochac in A.S. XXIV.

Barons and Baronesses of Stormhold:

  1. Viscount Styvren Longshanks (KSCA, resigned) and Viscountess Rhyllian of Starfire Retreat, OP
  2. Alain Bartholomieu Lorenz, OP and Viscountess Lucrezia Lorenz
  3. Sven Stormdriven, OP and Ingibjorg Ambadottir
  4. Rudolf von der Drau and Nicolette Dufay, OP
  5. Gwynfor Lwyd, OP and Gwir verch Madog
  6. Hugh the Little, KSCA and Theresa Cummins
  7. Rodrigo of Abbotsford, Sara Van Den Hove
  8. Hanbal al Barbary, OP and Ute von Tangermunde
  9. Antonia de Lorenzo
    • Vicar - ThorolfR Brantsson, KSCA
  10. ThorolfR "Olfuss" Brantsson, KSCA and Halla Vinagjafar Hrafnsdottir
  11. Brían dorcha ua Conaill, OL and Miriam bat Shimeon

After the sudden departure of the sixth Baron and Baroness, Sir Hugh the Little and Baroness Therasa Cummins, during Rowany Festival A.S. XXXIX, Miriam Galbraith was appointed as Vicar. On June 24th, A.S. XXXXI Rodrigo and Sara became the seventh Baron and Baroness Stormhold. Both are natives of Melbourne, and both started their SCA careers here. The eighth baron and baroness, Hanbal and Ute, were invested on 3rd July A.S. XLIV. They stood down in mid 2013, replaced by Antonia de Lorenzo until February 2014 when she resigned. Sir ThorolfR Brantsson became the third Stormhold Vicar and on June 21 2014 became the 9th Baron of Stormhold with Halla as Baroness. They stood until March 2017, and were succeeded by Brían and Miriam.

An interesting note is that until Rodrigo and Sara, none of the Barons and Baronesses, except for Gwynfor and Theresa, were native Melbournians. Styvren was born in New Zealand, Rhyllian is a native of Mildura, Alain was raised near Sheparton, Sven and Lucrezia were from Adelaide, Ingibjorg was from Canberra, as was Hugh, and Halla was born in Sydney. Rudolf, Nicolette, Gwir and ThorolfR are all American.

From an SCA standpoint, Rodrigo, Sara, Styvren, Alain, Gwynfor and Theresa started in the SCA in Stormhold, Rhyllian in the Shire of Quimera de Oro (Mildura, Victoria), Sven and Ingibjorg in the Shire/Barony of Innilgard (Adelaide, South Australia), Rudolf and Nicolette in the Barony of Ynys Fawr (Hobart, Tasmania), Gwir in the Barony of Settmour Swamp (New Jersey, USA), and Hugh in Politarchopolis (Canberra, ACT). Of Rodrigo and Sara's successors, Hanbal commenced his SCA life in Politarchopolis, and Ute originates from Mansfield, but started her SCA life in Melbourne. ThorolfR started his SCA career in the Barony of Knight's Crossing in the Principality of Drachenwald, and Halla in the Barony of Wealdsmere, Kingdom of AnTir (Northwestern United States and Western Canada). Of the Vicars, Morgan started in Stormhold and Miriam in Innilgard. Alain, Nicolette, Gwynfor, and Miriam bat Shimeon served as Seneschal of Stormhold at various times, as did Morgan.

Annual Events

The most famous Stormhold event is the William Marshall tourney and feast, which happens annually in early December. Stormhold also holds an annual Winter Feast.

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