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A vicar is a clergyman that is responsible for a chapel or a parish.

Vicars in the SCA

From time to time, for a number of reasons, an SCA Barony may find itself without a Baron and/or Baroness. In this case, the Crown will usually appoint a Vicar, to oversee and maintain Their lands until such time as a suitable replacement can be installed. A Vicar may not hold court or give awards, but acts as the steward of the Baronial lands, guides the group through what is sometimes a difficult time, and graciously hands the Barony over to the Baronial successors at the appropriate moment. A Vicar is not guaranteed any title or rank beyond that of Vicar whilst they are holding such a position.

Because the SCA does not give out religious titles or responsibilities, the Society does not have any other representation of a historical vicar, except where an individual wishes to play one as part of their persona.