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The awards bestowed in the SCA range from tassels at a monthly bash to tokens for people who have travelled far or just caught the royal eyes, as well as formal awards such as the Award of Arms. Depending on the award, the appropriate token could be quite simple and basic (such as a bell, button, or plaited ribbon) to very elaborate, handcrafted medallions or tokens. Most "formal" awards are accompanied by a scroll.

Broadly speaking there are four "levels" of awards:

One could also categorize awards by their respective font of honour:

For someone to receive an award, members of the populace recommend an individual according to the contributions and services they've made to the society, or members of the society. Recommendations are sent to your local Baron and Baroness, Prince and Princess or King and Queen.

Many SCA awards are more accurately orders, but usage is almost universally sloppy on this subject.