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Sable, on a pile between two griffins combattant, each maintaining an arrow Or, an ancient crown within a laurel wreath sable.
Founded: A.S. XXXII
Parent Kingdom: Atenveldt
King: Daman
Queen: Veronique
Modern location
Most of Utah, Idaho, Montana, and parts of Wyoming and Colorado.

Geographically, the Kingdom of Artemisia covers Montana, southern Idaho, most of Utah, and western Colorado and Wyoming. It became an SCA kingdom in A.S. XXXII. It was originally part of the Principality of The Outlands, but reverted to Atenveldt when Outlands became a kingdom in A.S. XXI.

Artemisia is one of the smallest kingdoms by population (around a thousand) and covers a very large geographical area; close to 1000 miles separate the northernmost and southernmost groups, with similar distances between east and west. Many Artemisians are very geared toward long-distance travel, and it is not particularly unusual to find people day-tripping to an event 200 miles away, even in winter storms.

The biggest event of the year is the Uprising War hosted by the Barony of 1000 Eyes, when around 800 Artemisians gather for five days in eastern Idaho. Uprising features armored and rapier melees (including bridge battles on an actual bridge and a continuously-improving castle), tournaments, an extensive set of classes on many topics, and various workshops.

Coronations are held in March and September, with Crown Tournament in the following month. Coronation sees the selection of the King's Champion, Queen's Champion, and Defender of the Sable Rose. The Bard of Artemisia and the Bearer of the Shield of Chivalry are selected at Crown Tournament, and the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Champion is selected at a special event in May. In recent years, the Kingdom Archery Championship and the Kingdom Equestrian Championship are held jointly, though the event moves around on the calendar.

While Artemisia has no sumptuary laws, it does have sumptuary customs that are contained within the official kingdom law. Artemisia is unusual in that it totally prohibits metal circlets entirely -- only those entitled to wear coronets (ie., those of Baronial, Viscounty, County, Duchy, or Royal rank) may wear bands of metal around their heads. This does not apply to color-contrast decoration on helms. Furthermore, chains of fealty and spurs (which may be silver or gold) are reserved for Knights and are not worn by squires.

Kingdom Awards

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Groups in Artemisia

The baronies and Provinces of the Kingdom of Artemisia are:

The shires of the Kingdom of Artemisia are:

Major Events in Artemisia

  • Melee Madness hosted by the Barony of Loch Salann, the longest running event in Artemisia
  • Uprising hosted by the Barony of 1000 Eyes
  • Baron's War fought between the Barony of Gryphon's Lair and the Barony of Loch Salann.
  • Solstice Court by long tradition, the biggest event of Court season, hosted by the Barony of Loch Salann

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