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The Stronghold of Nebelwald is a branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism in the U.S. military installations at Hohenfels, Vilseck, and Grafenwoehr, Germany. It is is a part of the Shire of Turmstadt in the German-Austrian Region of the Kingdom of Drachenwald. Although it is a fairly new branch (founded in 2002), it quickly came to prominence when the King, Queen, Kingdom Seneschal, and Kingdom Exchequer all lived here simultaneously (2005). It is equally well know for its fighting skills -- fighter practices here are not to be missed!

For folks that only speak English, "Nebelwald" translates (from German) as "Foggy Forest", a truly apt name for this corner of Bavaria.

The Stronghold was originally named "Forgotten Castle", but that idea was rejected upon a preliminary review by the College of Heralds of Drachenwald. The founder of the Stronghold, Lord Charles Raven, was granted permission by the Stronghold to keep the name for those who were here in the early days as a household name.

The group hosts a monthly "practice tournament" called "the Silverback tourney". Because "Nebelwald" can also be translated as "the misty woods", the fighters style themselves "The Gorillas in the Mist".

The current officers of the Stronghold (30 Jun 2006) are:

Seneschals to date have been:

  • Lady Keara Raven (founding Seneschale)
  • Lord Nathaniel Hawkins
  • Porter
  • Sir Cadogan map Cado
  • Lady Esmerelda