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Most SCA people will take on an alternate name, and this can be a part of a persona, or just a cool medieval name they like. Things to remember when choosing your SCA name:

  • If you genuinely want people to call you by your SCA name, then keep it simple, or you'll just be given some other nickname, or will be called by your mundane name.
  • If you have issues with people (mostly heralds) mispronouncing your name, make it really simple. Or, at least try and get a name that is said as it's spelt, or people will STILL screw it up even if it's something as simple as 'John'.
  • Be sure you like the name. You could be stuck with something you really hate for your entire SCA life.

You can register your name with the SCA College of Arms so that no one else in the Society can have the same name as you! Your local herald is just waiting to help you do this.

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