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Germany didn't exist as a single country during this period. After the fall of the Roman Empire, barbarian tribes over centuries slowly formed a large number of baronies and fiefdoms that warred with each other constantly. It was not until the 19th Century that Germany became a unified state.

Like France, Germany counts Charlemagne as its great progenitor. Most of Germany formed part of the Carolingian Empire. When this was split into three parts the Germanic lands mostly went to Lothar I. Lothar's Kingdom gradually became a patchwork of states who elected an Emperor. This union was known as the Holy Roman Empire.

Germany and the SCA

After WWII, Germany contained many US/NATO military bases. With this eventually came the SCA. Much of the populace of the Kingdom of Drachenwald lives in Germany.

Historic Locations within Germany

The following is a list of various duchies, kingdoms and fiefdoms within the lands we modernly associate with Germany, which should be a helpful starting point for a Germanic persona:

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