Kingdom of Calontir

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Kingdom of Calontir
Purpure, a cross of Calatrava, in chief a crown, within in bordure a laurel wreath Or.
Founded: A.S. XVIII
Parent Kingdom: Midrealm
King: Semjaka
Queen: Xorazne
Modern location
Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, and Northwestern Arkansas

Founded in February, A.S. XVIII, Calontir is the tenth oldest Kingdom in the Known World. It was formerly a Principality of Midrealm. Geographically it consists of Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska and Northwestern Arkansas.

Calontir has the interesting distinction of being the only Kingdom in the SCA that does not allow rapier combat.

Calontir holds the Lilies War in or around June every year.


Calontir began as a Principality within the Middle Kingdom in 1981-2 (A.S. XVI) and on May 29, 1984 (A.S. XVIII) became the tenth Kingdom of the SCA. The first King and Queen of Calontir were known as Chepe l�Orageux and Arwyn Antaradi.

Rulers of Calontir


Grant of Arms

  • Order of the Iren-Hirth (Huscarl) (armored combat)
  • Order of Boga-Hirth (Huscarl) (archery)
  • Order of the Calon Lily (arts)
  • Order of the Silver Hammer (sciences)
  • Order of the Cross of Calontir (service)

Award of Arms

  • Order of the Iren-Fyrd (Fyrdman) (armored combat)
  • Order of the Boga-Fyrd (Fyrdman) (archery)
  • Order of the Golden Calon Swan (arts)
  • Order of the Leather Mallet (sciences)
  • Order of the Torse (service)


  • Order of the Sword of Calontir (warfare tactics)
  • Order of the Keeper of the Flame (medieval aura)
  • Order of the Queen's Chalice (youth)
  • King's Favor
  • Queen's Endorsement of Distinction
  • Iren-Feran
  • Falcon's Heart
  • Order of the Archaic Fewmet (OAF)


Calontir hosts the yearly Lilies War, a June camping event lasting over a week where about a thousand SCA members gather for combat and other activities. The first Lilies War was held in 1987 at Perry Lake in Kansas. Since 1992, the event has been held at Smithville Lake in Missouri.








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