House de Leeds

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House de Leeds
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Motto: Primus intus, Ultimus foras
Founded: A.S. XLVIII
Head: Yevan de Leeds
Kingdom: Lochac
Modern location
Australia / New Zealand


House de Leeds, otherwise known as the Meerkats, was founded by Baron Yevan de Leeds as his personal household in the SCA. The Meerkats are primarily a Service household within the Kingdom of Lochac. Its members include Yevan's Protégés, Students, as well as other like-minded individuals.


Current membership includes:

Former Members


The Meerkats participate in a wide range of activities, from running events to fighting & marshalling to holding offices at various levels (Canton / Barony / Kingdom). The membership of the Household represents a diverse range of skills that cover a wide majority of the SCA experience.