Canton of Bofharrach

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The Canton of Bofharrach is an SCA branch in the Kingdom of the Outlands, mundanely located in Greeley, Colorado. Greeley is east of Loveland and south-east of Fort Collins, both of which have at times been the population center of the Barony of Unser Hafen. One of the larger cantons in the Kingdom of the Outlands geographically if not population-wise, it covers nearly all of Weld County.


It was founded in the early 1990s during the reign of Titus Claudius Severus as Baron, and Hancarata Aethnen filia Cuneddae (called Llamrei) as Baroness of Unser Hafen. Their Excellencies Titus and Llamrei still have a copy of the original Canton charter hanging in their house in a position of prominence to this day.

The Canton was founded to acknowledge the hard work and diverse efforts of the gentles in the area, as well as to allow them some home-rule and the ability to run events within their borders. Greeley being forty-five minutes from Fort Collins, this allowed them to do more without traveling as far, but did not diminish their attendance or participation in Baronial events and administrations. Members of the Canton have served in nearly all the Officer positions of the Barony at one time or another.

Current Officers

Seneschal: Sir Zachariah de Kane
Herald: Lady Madeleine de Seraucort
Exchequer: Lady Gabrielle Rizzo

Most Recent Events

September 2007: Hosted Unser Hafen's Newcomer's Event

Set to host a Dancing event in Spring 2008

External links - Baronial website, with information about Canton officers and upcoming events and gatherings.