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It is not compulsory for all participants in SCA events to be SCA members. However, membership does hold many benefits. By becoming an SCA member you:

  • Can get discounts on some event fees. The difference between being a member or non-member at a feast could be $5 - $10. In the US this is reflected (in two senses of the word) by the Non Member Surcharge.
  • Receive a membership card - this means that where waivers are required, you don't have to sign one at every event you attend.
  • Receive SCA Publications - Sustaining members their Kingdom's monthly newsletter, e.g., the Pegasus in the Kingdom of Lochac. Sustaining members can also purchase subscriptions to other kingdoms' newsletters, Tournaments Illuminated (the quarterly magazine of the Society), the Compleat Anachronist pamphlet series, and the Board of Directors' Proceedings.
  • Benefit your local group by counting towards the population. This could mean that your local group can expand and grow from a Canton to a Shire or Barony, or a number of local baronies can grow to form a Principality. Sustaining members (or higher membership types, such as contributing or patron) count towards the group's numbers.
  • Are eligible to fight, or be consort to a fighter, in a Coronet tournament or Crown tournament, and subsequently to be the king or queen.
  • May become an officer or steward an event.

Additionally, in some groups membership is a requirement for to vote on issues that concern the group, such as a change in group status e.g. from Shire to Barony.

To become a Society member, you will need to complete an SCA membership form. Note that due to mundane laws, SCANZ also has a special category for day members.

You can be a member of:

Membership Forms

If you want to join the SCA you'll need a membership form. There are different versions of this form for the SCA in the USA, Finland, Sweden, Australia and New Zealand.

Internal SCA memberships

Within the SCA, various associations and authorisations may be thought of as having members.

Membership of guilds and households

Within the SCA, you may also become a member of a guild or a household. These subgroups may have their membership requirements and procedures listed in a document like a charter, which may have been recognised by the Crown. However, for some subgroups, their definitions of membership may be as loose as showing interest or being friends with other members. The SCA normally has no control over who can be associated with these subgroups due to their unofficial status (note the above mentioned royal sanction as an exception).

Combat participation

Participation in combat competitions requires authorisation, which means that you are on a list of approved combatants for certain SCA-approved weapons.

Membership of Orders

Various awards are membership in orders. Many orders get existing order members to recommend new candidates to the relevant royalty, but the final decision tends to be down to the royalty.