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Gules, a trillium flower affronty argent, barbed vert, within a laurel wreath, in chief a coronet argent.
Founded: A.S. XXXIII
Parent Kingdom: Middle
King: Ed the Red
Queen: Rylyn
Modern location
Ontario, Canada.

Encompassing most of the province of Ontario, Canada, Ealdormere became the sixteenth kingdom of the Known World in October, A.S. XXXIII (1998). Before this, from A.S. XXIII (1988) to A.S. XXXIII, Ealdormere was a principality of the Midrealm, encompassing several pre-existing baronies.

Ealdormere's symbols are the Trillium (a three-pointed white flower common to the region) and the wolf. Ealdormereans often use the term "the Northlands" as a synonym for Ealdormere (this is possibly a reference to the Canadian national anthem, or to the local popularity of Norse personas).

By long tradition, Ealdormere always fights alongside the Kingdom of the Middle in the Pennsic War under their own banners.


Early Days

In A.S. IX, Count Finvarr de Taahe and others founded the Canton of Eoforwic in Toronto. This was the first SCA group in to be founded in Canada, and grew quickly. In A.S. XII, the Shires of Septentria and Skraeling Althing (both now baronies) are founded.

The Ban on Regions

As recorded in the third and fourth books of the Chronicles of Eoforwic., the creation of Ealdormere as a Crown Principality was a matter of some controversy. When the Eoforwic Pursuivant, James MacAndrews first submitted this proposal by letter in January A.S. XX (1986), King Alen Elegil of the Midrealm responded by calling a hurried meeting with his advisors. The so-called Washroom Curia (this Curia was widely rumoured to have been held in a public restroom at an event) resulted in the issuing of the infamous "Ban on Regions". Published in the April A.S. XX edition of the Pale, this edict attempted to halt the effort toward creating local regions within the Midrealm by forbidding the use of local "regional" organizations beyond those Shires and Baronies recognized by the Crown. Combined with a change in Kingdom Law raising the requirements for becoming a Crown Principality dramatically, the practical effect of the Ban was merely to alienate the people of Ealdormere by forbidding even the name "Ealdormere" from open use. The region of Northshield was also affected by the Ban.

Shortly thereafter, James Macandrews stripped of the office of Eoforwic Pursuivant by the Dragon Herald; while the reasons given were unrelated to his proposal, in Ealdormere it was widely seen as a punitive act done on the orders of King Alen. Rather than discourage the pro-principality faction, however, these events only strengthened an underground commitment to greater independance from the Midrealm. A number of poems and songs written during and after "the dismal years of silence" illustrate this point, in particular the popular and well-received "Doom of Ealdormere" by Baron Aedan.

While the Principality requirements would be slightly eased by King Alen in A.S. XXI, the Ban itself remained in effect until the 17th Pennsic War in A.S. XXIII (1988). At the War Court, King Corwin of the Middle granted a charter making Ealdormere a Crown Principality.

The effect of the Ban on Regions is still felt in many Ealdormerean traditions today. The King and Queen of Ealdormere are styled "Their Lupine Majesties", a reference to the spirit of the wolf which carried Ealdormere through the years of King Alen's proscription. Musical, poetic and bardic references to the time of the Ban on Regions abound, and Ealdormereans remain fiercely proud and protective of their independance.

This section is based on information in the Chronicles of Eoforwic.

Crown Principality

In A.S. XXVI, the first Army of Ealdormere, under Prince David I and Princess Tangwystl, marched to their first Pennsic alongside the army of Calontir. Ealdormere has sent an army to Pennsic under its own banners every year since.



The current rulers of Ealdormere are Their Majesties King Edward I and Queen Rylyn.

A complete listing of the rulers of Ealdormere is the Line of the North, composed and updated twice annually by Master Hector of the Black Height.


A complete listing of events in Ealdormere can be found at


The Award of the Maiden's Heart: An award for exemplary service to Ealdormere.

The Award of Orion: An award for achievement in the Arts and Sciences.

The Award of the Scarlet Banner: An award for martial accomplishment.

The Order of the Wain: A grant level award for long-standing service.

The Order of the Crucible: A grant level award for achievement in Arts and Sciences.

The Order of Thorbjorn's Hammer: A grant level award for martial accomplishment.

A complete listing of the awards of Ealdormere can be found at


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