Shire of Trinovantia Nova

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Trinovantia Nova
Quarterly gules and azure, two unicornate sea-pegasi addorsed OR, their tails within a laurel wreath argent.
Founded: A.S. XXXV
In Kingdom: Ealdormere
Seneschal: Rylla VonGrein
Modern location
Western Ontario except Lambton County and Essex County, Canada.

Trinovantia Nova is a Shire of the Kingdom of Ealdormere located in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. It is bordered by the Shire of The March of St. Martin and the Midrealm shire of Starleaf Gate to the west and the Ealdormere Barony of Ramshaven to the east. The Shire is centered on London Ontario, but has a strong membership in the nearby city of St. Thomas.

Trinovantia Nova and The March of St. Martin are sometimes referred to as the Westmarches, owing to their geographical position in Ealdormere.

Originally, Trinovantia Nova was a Canton of the Barony of Ramshaven but has been an independant Shire for several years. There is currently an effort in the Shire underway to become a Barony.

The local newsletter "The Unicorn's Tale", is published every two months, and referred to affectionately as the ATU, for "All-Terrain Unicorn". The Shire itself is sometimes referred to as T-N (pronouced "TI-en", reminiscent of Canadian slang for the city of Toronto "T-O".)

As a Shire, Trinovantia is responsible for two large events at present, the Winter War tourney and the Storming of the Gate.


This Shire is known throughout Ealdormere for the importance which Trinovantians place on households, the Shire itself containing several fiercely independent (and occasionally fractious) Houses and factions.

Notable households within Trinovantia Nova include:

House Blacksword

La Maison des Cunard Cinq

House Rougeabeille

The Crimson Star Privateers


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