Inter-College War

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Inter-College War (ICW) is an annual SCA event in Lochac at which all the Colleges of the kingdom meet for 4 days of camping (well actually indoors bunkhouses are usually provided), war, drinking, fighting, drinking, feasting, drinking, fighting, tomfoolery... etc. Each year a different University hosts ICW, and it's generally held during the midsemester break - perfect timing for the middle of winter! It can be a very amusing event, very rowdy, and tons of fun. To give you some idea, think of a large congregation of university students from all across Australia in garb and armour attempting to recreate pre-16th century, ultimately resulting in much entertainment, new friends, incriminating photos and an extraordinary hangover.

ICW began in June A.S. XXIX (1994), as a challenge between St Aldhelm and St Ursula during "The Defense of The Realm", an event held at the Crossroads site in Torlyon.

1994 *ICW I - Held by St Aldhelm - sword of knowledge 1995 *ICW II - Held at Torlyon, Amesbury (later to become College of St Augustine) won. 1996 *ICW III - Held at the old Rowany Festival site by St Ursula, St Ursula won. 1997 *ICW IV - Held in Innilgard by Blessed Herman, Blessed Herman won. Also won Gui's buttocks. 1998 *ICW V - Held in Innilgard by Blessed Herman, St Ursula won. Gui's buttocks were presented by St Ursula to Blessed Herman. 1999 *ICW VI - Held in Politarchopolis by St Aldhelm, St Ursula won. 2000 *ICW VII - Held in Ynys Fawr by St Gildas, St Ursula won. 2001 *ICW VIII - Held in Agaricus by St Malachy, Blessed Herman won. 2002 *ICW IX - Held in Innilgard by Blessed Herman, St Ursula won. 2003 *ICW X - Held in Politarchopolis by St Aldhelm. The beginning of the curse of ICW. 2004 *ICW XI - Held in Krae Glas by St Monica from July 8 - 12, A.S. XXXIX (2004), Blessed Herman won. Also known as Soup War. 2005 *ICW XII - Held by St Ursula 2006 *ICW XIII - Held by Crispin 2007 *ICW XIV - N/A 2008 *ICW XIV.5 - Held by St Aldhelm who ended the curse. St Ursula won. 2009 *ICW XV - Held by St Bartholomew. St Ursula won. 2010 *ICW XVI - Held by St Ursula