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Drakkar (ship)

A Drakkar is a type of viking longship. It can be used as a heraldic charge in the SCA (e.g. the device for the Barony of Stormhold).

House Drakkar (Household)

House Drakkar

House Drakkar is a Viking mercenary group based in Rowany, Lochac. It is predominantly a light skirmish company in Lochac.

Their motto: Damnate Gloriam, tradite pecuniam (damn the glory, take the money)

They have no set fee but work on a offer system where none of the bidders know the other bidders or amounts offered. Offers of blunts, alcohol, armour, trinkets, etc. will be entertained at catered events, whilst at non-catered events, feeding them for the duration is most acceptable. No bids of lands or rank requiring allegiance will be accepted.

House Drakkar Group Photo - Festival AS-XLI

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