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Ships in History

Since man could dig out a log, he has been making ships. Over the years, they have taken different shapes. Early ships were simply big boats, with expansions on either side to increase space (the catamaran is a perfect example). Biremes and triremes were ships used first by the Hellenes and were used in differing forms until the 14th century, mostly under the term "Galley". Galleys were then rendered obsolete by the more powerful "Man o' War". In the Viking lands, longships were predominant.

List of Period Ships

Famous Period Ships

Famous Period Captains

Reproduction Ships

Ships in the SCA

Obviously, due to an utter lack of real sea battles, ships are rather uncommon in the SCA. But, that doesn't mean you can't be knowlegeable about ships. A Viking who knows nothing about longships would be laughed out of his own community. Perhaps your persona owns, sails on, or captains one of these vessels.


  • Fleet, Flotilla- A group of ships.
    • Armada - A group of military ships (Spanish).
    • Convoy - A group of merchant or supply ships.
    • Navy - A group of military ships.
  • Bottom - The ship, sans sails or mast or rigging; i.e. the hull and decks.
  • Sail - Unit of ship; e.g. "The English have a fleet of 50 sail". Also, the thing that makes most ships go.
  • Bow - Front of ship.
  • Stern - Back of ship.
  • Starboard - Right side of ship.
  • Port - Left side of ship.
  • Deck - Floor or level of ship.
  • Rigging - All the ropes and such.
  • Figurehead - The decorative carving on the bow of many ships.

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