Barony of Unser Hafen

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Unser Hafen
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Vert, a portcullis Or within a laurel wreath argent, all within a bordure embattled Or.
Founded: AS 25
In Kingdom: Outlands
Baron: Sir Samuel de Grace
Baroness: None currently
Modern location
Larimer/Logan/Morgan/Weld County, CO, USA


The Barony of Unser Hafen is an SCA branch in the Kingdom of the Outlands. It is mundanely Larimer, Logan, Morgan and Weld Counties in Colorado. The seat of the Barony has traditionally been located in Ft. Collins, Colorado, with a majority of the Barons and Baronesses residing within that city; however, Loveland, CO has also held a great deal of the population at times. The third major city in the Barony is Greeley, Colorado in which resides the Canton of Bofharrach.

Groups Within the Barony

As mentioned before, the Canton of Bofharrach is a canton located in Greeley, Colorado. It serves to allow gentles there, made up equally of citizens of Greeley and students at the University of Northern Colorado, to allow locals to gather and hold events and practices. It was founded in the mid 1990s. Its device is: Or, a cow statant sable within a laurel wreath vert, a bordure embattled sable. This was modeled after a cow crossing sign, as Greeley is a major cattle city and Bofharrach itself means 'Gathering place of the Cows.' Never let it be said the founders of Bofharrach lacked a sense of humor.

Colorado State University also has a college associated with it, the College of Rams Keep. This was founded along with the CSU Medieval Society to give students more resources for finding, joining and participating in the Society, as well as allowing us to work more closely and efficiently with the large University to find Halls and practice sites. Its device is in progress, but will likely incorporate a ram; the name and device ideas come from the CSU mascot being a Ram.


Unser Hafen was founded in 1990 after several years as a Shire, and several amusing attempts to get other names passed. Unser Hafen means 'Our Port' or 'Our Refuge' in German, though it was originally (according to the Outlands College of Heralds) submitted as 'Uns Haven' (unshaven) due to all the men in the Barony having beards.

The Founding Baron was Sir Kevin MacKinnon, who was also the first knight to reside within the Barony itself; this led to many in the Barony calling him simply 'Sir'. The founding Baroness was Ismenia Joslyn Wyndarneer. Due to Outlands tradition, Sir Kevin and Mistress Ismenia are styled as 'Baron Unser Hafen' and 'Baroness Unser Hafen' for the rest of their lives for their service as founding Baron and Baroness. They also instituted all of the Baronial awards save the Stone Mason, which was instituted during the reign of Sir Alexandyr MacAndrew and THL Mardanah al-Hindyah, and the Corona Graminea (see below).

The Second Baron and Baroness were Sir Titus Claudius Severus (using the title Praetor) and The Honorable Lady Hancarata Aethnen filia Cuneddae (called 'Llamrei', and using the title Cheiftan). The Praetor and Chieftan served for two years and instituted the Corona Graminea, which stands to this day as perhaps the highest honor the Baron and Baroness can give to a fighter. It is chosen by the warriors on the battle field to be given to the fighter who most embodied prowess and chivalry that day, and is a grass crown made with grass from the field of battle. It is modeled after the Roman award of the same name, information of which can be found here [1]. Sir Titus was known for his honor on the field and his love of stories (though his tended to go on and on), and for working with the children of the Barony. Baroness Llamrei is remembered for her fiery temper, her passion and her dedication to the Barony, as well as her prowess and service as Kingdom Earl Marshal.

The third Baron and Baroness were Master Thorfinn Greybeard and Countess Rosalind of Wellmark (though she earned the County later). Master Thorfinn is a gregarious and true Viking, with a love of stories and enriched the Barony with his vim and vigor. Countess Rosalind is a strong willed woman of great grace and presence, who inspired all with her courage, her strength and her regal bearing.

The fourth Baron and Baroness were Baron Tuman Elnikov and Baroness Rashiqah Amatulbarri bint Azhar al-Kahirawayyiah , who served with dignity and grace after Thorfinn and Rosalind. Baron Tuman was known as a fierce and hardy fighter, leading the troops to battle and victory many times at Estrella, and Mistress Rashiqah was an artisan of great renown in the Barony and the Kingdom.

The Fifth Baron and Baroness were Baron Sir Deotrich Hiltipard and Baroness Mistress Leonora Kateryn de Provence. Both of these good gentles are now double peers, though at the time of their reign only Sir Deotrich was, holding a Knighthood for Prowess and a Pelican for his service previously as Kingdom Seneschal of Calontir and many others. Mistress Leonora at the time was a Pelican for her years of service, and has since been elevated as a Laurel for her work in period herbalism and herbal remedies as well as brewing--her 'Booboo Balm' and 'Weekend Warrior' creams are renowned in the Kingdom for their curative effects and all natural homegrown ingredients, as is her Mead. Sir Deotrich is one of the most gracious and honorable fighters on any field he is on, and Mistress Leonora one of the most honorable and able herbalists and brewers the Kingdom can offer.

The Sixth Baron and Baroness were Sir Alexandyr MacAndrew and THLady Mardanah al-Hindiyyah. Her Ladyship Mardanah is renowned as a belly and tribal dancer, fostering a love of Middle Eastern dancing through the Barony and the Kingdom; she was one of the main proponents behind Unser Hafen's yearly 'Winter Oasis' event, which focuses on Middle Eastern culture and dance, and draws attendance from across the Kingdom. Sir Alexandyr is renowned as one of the fastest men on the field, able to run backwards faster than most men can run forwards; he is also known as the Children's Baron, for his fostering of children's activities and foam weapon combat throughout the Barony, as well as his general attentiveness to their needs and dedication to making sure they had fun.

The Seventh and Current Baron of Unser Hafen is Sir Samuel de Grace, who has journeyed through the Outlands, the East Kingdom, the Middle Kingdom and Drachenwald due to his travels in the mundane military. A stalwart and honorable fighter, during his tenure he has also finished an armoring shop which he has opened to all in the Barony to come and create works in metal and leather; in addition to being a fighter he is a extremely talented archer, consistently shooting in the top of the Barony and in previous times in the top of the IKAC scoring. A left handed fighter, he has worked hard with the numerous other left handed fighters in the Barony , sharing his knowledge. He has served since 2006.


Baron: Sir Samuel de Grace, KSCA, 7th Territorial Baron of Unser Hafen

Defender(Heavy Fighting Champion): Lord Dagorix Nantonignos

Protector (Rapier Champion): Lord Arion de Hawke

Warden (Archery Champion): Lord Garin

Equestrian Champion: Lady Ceciela O'Conner

A&S Champion: Lady Rivkah Cantor

Pencerdd Bard of Unser Hafen (Bardic Champion): Lady Rivkah Cantor

Court Herald: Lord Felix


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