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Heavy Fighting, Heavy Weapons, Heavy List, Hardsuit and Armoured Combat are all terms used in the SCA to refer to armoured foot combat. Participants are assumed to be armoured in a mail hauberk, with boiled leather armor covering the legs and arms, and a Norman style helm with a nasal. The weapons used are made of rattan covered in duct tape and sometimes with a foam thrusting tip.

Armoured Combat comes in three varieties:

  1. Tournaments, which are one-on-one in a small defined area (called a list field)
  2. Melees, being many-on-many fights
  3. Wars, usually a series of melees which take place on open fields, in woods or over/around structures such as walls, forts and bridges. War combat also allows archery, siege weapons and thrown weapons (mixed combat).

All participants must be authorised by a senior marshal. Authorisation involves a test on the Rules of Combat followed by a supervised bout against an experienced opponent. Generally, most people have to train regularly for 3-6 months before they are ready to authorise.

Armoured Combat is the method used in the SCA to choose Kings/Queens and Princes/Princesses (of Principalities.) It can also be used to select the rulers of Palatine Baronies or of the unofficial groups known as Crown Principalities.

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