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In the Kingdom of Lochac, a distinction is made between heavy-only battles and mixed battles. Mixed battles are war battles that normally involve both heavy fighters and combatants authorised for other types of weapons, e.g. siege weaponry, archers (which in some regions are still called light fighters), fencers. Some of these fighters may wield both melee and missile weapons in the same battle. Of course battles of this sort do happen in many other places, such as at Pennsic, but the terminology is often different; phrases such as "field battle with combat archery" or something similar may be used. Sometimes the mixed combatants may only be archers and fencers though this combination is rare.

The rules for mixed battles differ from the standard rules for heavy-only combat due to the additional weapons involved. For example, further restrictions may be made on the minimum armour requirements in order to protect combatants from any combat arrows. The rules governing interaction between the heavies and the other combatants are extremely Kingdom-specific. In some places, archers must be armoured to the regular standard, may carry secondary rattan weapons and are killed like any other fighter. In other locales, heavies may be prevented from striking lights. Instead, they must approach the light at 5m and call "My lord, you are slain" to kill them.