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The typical equipment of a nobleman in the 15th century would vary depending on the wealth of the man. As a result there could be quite wide variations in the equipment worn.

A noble would typically wear the best armour he could afford

This guide leans heavily towards an English depiction.




  • helmet - basinet or sallet or other similar type. The basinet fell out of favour by the mid 15th century to be replaced by the sallet. A bevor would be worn in addition to the sallet or might wear an armet (later part of the century).
  • A pair of brigandines - typically only worn by a less wealthy noble but a wealthy noble might wear a brigandine when travelling in hostile territory in case of attack.
  • mail standard (standart) - mail collar to protect the neck
  • plate armour - sections of armour might also be worn attached to a brigandine even if the noble could not afford a full harness with breastplate. The sabatons might be omitted if the noble expected to fight on foot in "the English fashion".
  • mail skirt - to protect the groin. Internal link diameter approximately 5-6 mm and a wire thickness of approximately 1.2 to 1.6 mm and of round drawn wire. Entirely riveted.


Modern Misconceptions

  • Incredibly heavy harness that required the noble to be winched onto his horse or not be able to regain their feet if they fell over
  • Tournament armour being worn into battle
  • Incredibly heavy swords
  • Two handed swords
  • Always taking people prisoner
  • Always honouring sanctuary taken in a church
  • Always being chivalrous on the battlefield

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