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Tassels are bunches of tied threads that may have a series of dangling threads from the end not tied to an object. They are typically see on the edges of cushions. In the middle ages, tassels were used to decorate the corners of purses.

Tassels in the SCA

Tassels are used to decorate banners, cloths, clothing, poles etc. and can be given to others as favours.

In Lochac, they are also used as "prizes" for the winners of tournaments and other competitions. Traditionally the victor attaches the tassel to his banner, or gives it to his/her consort to attach to theirs because they inspired them to victory in honourable combat over the field.

That doesn't mean you can't make and wear your own tassels. Just try not to display them in a way that infers you won them (eg. a single colour tassel attached to your banner).

Tassel Colours

At Stormhold's Monthly Bash:

At other Lochac tournaments (not widely used any more, except in Stormhold)

Making Tassels

Some instructions on making tassels can be found at http://www.serve.com/marbeth/tassels.html. As with everything in the SCA, you can also ask someone who looks crafty.....