Small Gray Bear

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Small Gray Bear
Founded: A.S. XIV
In Kingdom: Gleann Abhann
Seneschal: Lord Brendan Mac Sionnac
Modern location
Central AR, USA.

The Barony of Small Gray Bear is an SCA group in the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann. It covers the Greater Little Rock Metropolitan area and most points south in Arkansas. Its current leaders are Baron Sir Martin Von Augsburg and Baronessa Mistress Gwyneth Carr. Small Gray Bear was founded as a Shire in September 1979 and became a Barony in February 1993.

Small Gray Bear's largest event is the War of the Diamonds, also called Diamond Wars. It also holds at least two other events each year - Candlelight Camp and Barbearian Brawl.

Small Gray Bear has several awards for long service. For fighters, there is the Sword of Orion. For the arts & sciences, the Morningstar is given out. And the Bear's Paw is awarded to those who excel in service. Additionally, Small Gray Bear's Baron and Baronessa can give the Order of the Diamond Bear to members who have served the group long and well. The Diamond Bear carries precedence in the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann.

Several households are based in Small Gray Bear. They include House Bladerunner and House Golden Panther.

You can learn more about Small Gray Bear at the Barony's website.

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