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Sable, in bend sinister an axe inverted reversed, and an axe both bendwise sinister, Or, between two scarpes. Overall a laurel wreath and an augmentation, in chief three mullets argent.
Founded: A.S. X
In Kingdom: Gleann Abhann
Baron: Baronos Gellir Gunnarrsson
Baroness: Baronossa Brigida Ingvarsdottir
Modern location
New Orleans, LA, USA.

Axemoor is an SCA Barony in the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann. It covers New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

History of Axemoor

Axemoor originally started out as the Barony of the Fens in A.S. II but by A.S. VII fell into decline.

In the November of A.S. X (1975) Axemoor reformed as a shire.

A.S. XII marks Axemoor's elevation to a Barony at Christmas Revel, December 1977. Christmas Revel is an annual event held by Axemoor that still continues to this day. To the author's knowledge the only year this event did not happen was 2005 after the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina.

Source material: The History of Gleann Abhann by Baroness Barbara Sterling.

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