Royal Peers

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Royal Peerage in the SCA is usually given to those who have served as King and Queen or Landed Prince and Princess - as distinct from Crown Prince and Crown Princess.

Having served as landed Prince and Princess the outgoing royal couple are given the title Viscount and Viscountess.

Having served as King and Queen the outgoing royal couple are given the title Count and Countess, unless they have already served as King and Queen before, in which case they are called Duke and Duchess.

The Royal Peers are usually ranked above all others on the Order of Precedence, except currrently serving royalty. In some Kingdoms, Territorial Nobility rank above everyone but current royalty as long as they are within their own domain.

Note that in some Kingdoms, Royal Peerage does not automatically include a Patent of Arms.

Consorts are usually inducted into the Order of the Rose, but again this is not automatic in all Kingdoms.