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Welcome to Cunnan, a Wiki collecting information for re-enactors of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

Anyone can edit our articles, even this one, and Cunnan wants you to be bold in updating pages! Articles can only be improved if people are contributing new information or improving old information. So get started now and add research information, how-to pages, event information and anything else you can think of. Cunnan is geared towards the Society for Creative Anachronism but you're welcome to add information from/for other medieval re-enactment groups.

News & Updates
January 20 Cunnan now has more than 4,186 articles!
July 11 Most of Cunnan's regular users will be away for the next few days at Inter-College War so there may not be many updates.
June 20 We have now moved to a new server! And are running new wiki software.




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People: Knights - Kings - Queens - Officers - Autocrats - Feastocrats

Arts and Sciences: Cooking (recipes) - Weaving - Brewing - Embroidery - Singing - Illumination - Construction

Combat and Chivalry: Rules of the list - Archery - Swords - Tournaments

A complete index is also available.

Writing Articles

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About the Project

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