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The Rules of the List are rules which people who wish to engage in combat at SCA events must know and abide by. Knowledge of these rules is tested when a fighter undergoes the authorisation process to prove they are able to fight safely in the SCA.

Rules of the List

  1. Each combatant, recognising the possibilities of physical injury to him/herself in such combat, shall assume all risk unto him/herself all risk and liability for harm suffered by means of such combat. No combatant shall engage in such combat until he/she has inspected the field of combat and satisfied him/herself that it is suitable for combat. Other participants shall likewise recognise the risks involved in their presence on or near the field of combat, and shall assume unto themselves the liability thereof.
  2. No person shall engage in combat-related activities (including armoured combat, period fencing, combat archery, scouting and banner bearing in combat) outside of formal training sessions unless he/she shall have been properly authorised under Society and Kingdom procedure.
  3. All combatants must be presented to, and accepted to, the Sovereign or his or her representative.
  4. All combatants shall adhere to the appropriate armour and weapons standards of the Society, and to any additional standards of the Kingdom in which the event takes place. The Sovereign may waive the additional Kingdom standards.
  5. The Sovereign or marshallate may bar any weapon or armour from use upon the field of combat. Should a rostered marshal bar any weapon or armour, an appeal may be made to the Sovereign to allow the weapon or armour.
  6. Combatants shall behave in a knightly or chivalrous manner and shall fight according to the appropriate Society and Kingdom conventions of combat.
  7. No one may be required to participate in combat-related activities. Any combatant may, without dishonour or penalty, reject any challenge without specifying a reason. A fight in a tournament lists is not considered to be a challenge, and therefore may not be declined or rejected without forfeiting the bout.
  8. Fighting with real weapons, whether fast or slow, is forbidden at any Society event. This rule does not consider weaponry which meets the Society and Kingdom standards for traditional Society combat and/or Society period rapier combat, used in the context of mutual sport, to be real weaponry.
  9. No projectile weaponry shall be allowed and no weapon shall be thrown within the lists of a tournament. The use of approved projectile weapons for melee, war, or combat archery shall conform to the appropriate Society and Kingdom conventions of combat.